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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

jack kerouac / alen ginsberg

"Counter Culture Chronicles has released on cassette a rare recording of Jack Kerouac at home in Northport, where he lived from 1958 to 1964. We hear Kerouac reading from his work while getting drunk and occasionally singing along with Frank Sinatra records that are being played in the background. Kerouac is clearly having a good time and takes the listener on a lucid deconstructionist trip, in which American popular culture is turned upside down and inside out. The recording covers the full 90 minutes of the cassette and is roughly cut, which adds to the directness and informal atmosphere of the material. Have a seat and get filled to the brim with Kerouac’s intoxicated mind. You won’t get up again." sea urchin

sold out ~ download

 alen ginsberg ~ london mantra (sloow tapes, 2014)

"solo recordings of Allen Ginsberg playing a small hand-pumped harmonium from India and singing mantras and songs to the cosmos. these recordings were made in the early seventies by the American poet and bibliographer George Dowden. from the vaults of Gerard Bellaart’s Cold Turkey Press (who also made the cover). 100 copies." sloow tapes

"London Mantra consists of songs, Buddhist chants and mantras (including some that Ginsberg explains were taught to him by the legendary Trogyam Trungpa Rinpoche) while he plays his small Indian hand-pumped harmonium. the results are beautiful, minimal holy music, with Ginsberg omming into the void over ascending drone patterns and with a cool audio verite appeal with lots of interesting asides and chatter." volcanic tongue 

Monday, October 27, 2014

günter schlienz

"for a decade, Schlienz has created meditative works of epic reach with intimate, reflective resonance. his individual style comes from an ever-searching sense of experimentalism that stems not only from his sense of composition but his creation of his own modular synthesisers and other instruments. 'contemplation' is Schlienz’s most personal yet, acting as a compendium that ties the various strands of his musical pursuits together in a new and fresh vision. in a way, 'contemplation' is a record of how he has developed as an artist and as himself. 
while the cosmic touch is ever present, earthy and pastoral scenes are never far from Schlienz’s gaze. Norm Chambers ~ aka Panabrite and a kindred spirit ~ contributes to the swelling, soaring 'humble', 'numb' is bubbling and bucolic in feel and 'shimmer' is a soft, sweet paen to the evening. reaching further, 'lament' is a majestic drone, raga-like in its deep focus, and 'janitor' is a final hazy delight of floating tones and starry dub-like echoes. ultimately, 'contemplation' is in equal thrall to joy, melancholy, nature and space. it’s a radiant poise Schlienz holds throughout, finding a peaceful plane." preservation

sé que ya poco queda por decir de Günter Schlienz, y que demasiado a menudo me sale por la boca la palabra bonito. pero es que todas las canciones tocadas por la varita de Günter Schlienz lo son. bonitas, modulares, minimales, delicadas (y cuando crees que no puede componer nada más bonito resulta que aparece 'dust'....bajad hasta la número ocho). también sé que no fue la emoción del primer momento, ni las ganas de encontrar algo que nos enamorase y nos abriese nuevos y fascinantes horizontes como en su momento lo hicieron Jewelled Antler, Bruce Langhorne, Valerie Webb & Paul Labrecque, Cap'n Jack, la onda expansiva del snow folk, las tonadillas de golden apples of the sun, y después Dolphins into the Future y la 2010 tape-scene nostalgia, y Bill Doob, Former Selves o Floating Gardens o Panabrite y la telaraña infinita de conexiones e influencias y la etiqueta mágica library music que nos llevaba de vuelta al pasado...el disco número once de nuestro duende 'consentido' favorito en poco menos de cinco años me sigue causando el mismo impacto. Günter es siempre presente, encariñarse con un sonido, saber que todo nos dirigía hasta aquí, hasta él. de cuando tienes la certeza de que haga lo que haga, será lo más bonito que vayas a escuchar nunca. la guinda esta vez viene de la mano de Norm Chambers (Panabrite), que presta su Rhodes y su sintetizador en la indescriptiblemente indescriptible 'humble'.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

heat sureens

"limited to 25 hand assemled and numbered copies. this is a masterpiece. beyond the well of human resource. in and out, in and out. breathing...it's alive."

quan yin es la reina del oeste, la diosa de la misericordia y del amor, un ser de luz que conforma el tribunal kármico. 'meet the quan yin' son nubes y puertas suspendidas en el cielo que se abren para nosotros. coros celestiales, sinfonías abstractas, todo difuso, adormecido, sólo formas y luces y movimiento y destellos de emoción filtrados por los diversos tratamientos de cassette del mago Sean McDonald, con loops envolventes y esas notas ingrávidas que, al igual que Kane Pour, nunca sabremos de dónde logra sacarlas. la magia se desborda a partir del minuto veinte de la 'cara a'... intuimos, visualizamos. algo parecido a este vídeo, hipnótico y bonito a más no poder. 'Sean, you are very mmm right now' 

Friday, October 24, 2014

sigríður níelsdóttir

"charming and quite unbelievable mix of lo fidelity experimentation from 70 year old Icelandic Sigríður Níelsdóttir with Grandma Lo-Fi: The Basement Tapes of Sigríður Níelsdóttir. some of the 21 tracks feel like straight up lounge music one man band type of jams, others like lullabies, others just truly out there. mad cap creativity given a Casio and a 4 track recorder an no inhibitions. this is a selection of tracks from a documentary film of the same name..." guide me little tape

"in the world of outsider music, somewhere between the early cassette recordings of Daniel Johnston and the keyboard stylings of Wesley Willis lie the lo-fi sounds of Sigríður Níelsdóttir. However, outside of Iceland, where she lived as an adored cult figure in the country's music scene, her music is far lesser known than either of them. Sigríður began recording songs on a double cassette deck in her living room at the tender age of 70, using a Casio keyboard and anything else she could find to create the sounds she imagined for a song. over the course of seven prolific years, she recorded and released 59 albums containing 687 songs. 

this collection contains nearly an hour of Sigríður's "greatest hits," carefully selected by the makers of the film Grandma Lo-Fi: The Basement Tapes of Sigríður Níelsdóttir, and serves as both a catalog-spanning introduction to her music and a soundtrack to the film Amma Lo-Fi (Grandma Lo-Fi). as a label, we have dreamed of releasing a collection like this since we first fell in love with Sigríður's music over a decade ago, so we are unbelievably happy to finally be able to bring you these limited edition orange cassettes with full-color inserts." hornbuckle

la abuelita finlandesa lo-fi. demasiado bonito para ser verdad, pero es verdad.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

sylvia monnier

~ haunting works of electro drone from French artist Sylvia Monnier aka Sunny Dunes. home dubbed, hand painted/numbered cassette edition of 25 copies ~

1 ~ Bedroom
 synthesizers, various effects,
rhythms loop on tape by Sun Ra.

2 ~ Terrace
synthesizers, bontempi 13 electric chord organ, various effects,
rhythms loop on tape found on Ritmi E Strumenti Africani Vol.1 (Liberia)

3 ~ Living Room
synthesizers, various effects,
rhythms loop on tape by Bello Atanda & His Apala Group.

4 ~ Corridor 
 synthesizers, various effects,
rhythms loop on tape found on Ritmi E Strumenti Africani Vol.1 (Mali)

muy enamorada de todo lo que rodea a Mika Pérez. embarcado en su eterno viaje al fin de la noche, siempre asomado al precipicio...esa es la sensación que me produce su música. del tacto melódico francés de 'corridor' a la intro de pajaritos que dan el dulce contrapunto a la densa, tribal y seductora 'terrace'. para escuchar con los auriculares muy pegados, a mucho volumen.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ariel kalma

"double album of ambient instrumentals to relax, daydream and infuse the brain with cleaning frequencies for the well-being.

total time: 1 hour and 24 minutes ~ relax...

"originally composed between 1981 and 1984 and initially appeared only on tape in two different editions, the proposed material from Kalma for this work confirms his pantheistic vision of the ethnic sound. the deep consciousness of the compositional techniques of Indian ragas it's mixed here with embroidered electronic textures on which flute and sax explore the most secret archetypal elements of nature. with a clever use of effects, harmonium, delays and exotic percussions Kalma becomes the creator of soundscapes from the endless myriad shades. such a fusion of western avant-garde and eastern traditione approaches the frech musicien to other big names of the international panorama as Popol Vuh, Angus Mclise or Laszlo Hortobagy. 

this version is a combination of 2 releases under the same name: the original Astral Muse cassette in Canada and the Nightingale cassette from 1984. the important difference is: those cassettes were not sounding so good! for this double LP Ariel converted his ¼” analog tape masters from the 80’s to 24bit digital tracks. because of those older tapes you occasionally will hear some sound artifacts which Ariel decided to leave in as taking them out would hinder some frequencies... and Ariel likes strange, trance-inducing frequencies a lot. listen loudly to ‘Flute Echo’ and you will experience the ‘mind cleanse’ effect." black sweat

Monday, October 20, 2014

tuluum shimmering

"20 min. film on dvd, with the full 60min jam that the sountrack’s culled from on cd. beautiful packaging on these with each case having a unique photo on the cover."

entre el aluvión de cintas ya no bonitas sino de las que nos hacen dar saltos de felicidad, cualquier cosa de Tuluum Shimmering tiene siempre prioridad. 'el arpa del sol' es una hora de placer audiovisual. las estructuras repetitivas y las fragancias tribales tan 'tuluum shimmering' se integran con armonía en un tesoro dividido en dos partes. por un lado, la música: un mantra sin fin de bucles de percusión y guitarras moviéndose en círculos. por otro, un vídeo repleto de imágenes hipnóticas que empiezan y acaban con un atardecer y que son ya de por sí una obra de arte: danzas tribales, la naturaleza, el fondo del mar, ríos, la selva, esculturas, palmeras, colores pastel, hogueras, ritos, faisanes, mariposas...y el espíritu national geographic flotando constantemente sobre la música y las imágenes. tan bonito como 'the range of light' de Lawrence Martínez y 'afternight, before sunrise (2nd movement)' de Oliwa.

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